Kosmetika lesa

not only the treatment using herbs since ancient times attracted the attention of the person. From time immemorial, in conjunction with healing, developed and improved ability to use herbal remedies in cosmetology. It was quite normal human desire to look young, have a clean, with firm and delicate skin face, thick beautiful hair and strong teeth, and not only in their youth, but they are older ... This is especially true for women, as in ancient times and now.

Is it possible? Absolutely! This can be achieved permanent cosmetic care: cosmetic care - it does not use lipstick, powder, mascara or other makeup, but something quite different - the art of skillful, timely, and consistent use of nutrition, hygiene and protective measures to suspend and postpone the aging of hair , nails, skin and teeth, and prevent premature fading looks.

Many nations around the world to stages in their historical and cultural development gave a lot of time and money to care for their appearance. Since ancient times, based on art cosmetology lay knowledge about medicinal "magical" properties of plants. At the time, knowledge and skills in cosmetics was the privilege of dealing with.

In Russia knew the grass fields and forests, and routinely used them at home with medical and cosmetic purposes. A variety of recipes using herbs and came up to us.

In modern cosmetology are widely used biologically active substances, raw material which are medicinal plants. A complex combination of active substances with concomitant compounds can favorably affect the structure of hair, skin and body to: speed up the regeneration of skin cells in the epidermis, it is easy to penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, balancing water and electrolyte balance, and improving skin tone, activate the enzyme system, normalize hormonal and general exchange organism. The latter plays a special role in the fight against early aging.
Beauticians used herbal supplements in the form of decoctions, tinctures, baths, poultices, masks, compresses, combining them with ready-made lotions and creams, issued by the perfume industry. These combinations have a tonic, nourishing and astringent effect and helps in preventing premature aging of skin, permanently keeping it young and supple.

Russia since ancient times was famous for its forests and the abundance of these herbs, and it defined the scope of medicinal plants and cosmetology tools used in our country: the majority of this forest herbs, even though the site will discuss the plants, occurring not only in the forest but also on the trails, forest edges, along the banks of ponds and rivers, forest and steppe zones.